About Nestudio

A Nest is more than just a house

It is a safe haven from the storm. A comfort zone in time of uncertainties. A home where the heart belongs. And a home where we tell the story of our life.

Nestudio is here to craft customers' very own nest. Made according to their liking, customized to their needs, with signature quirks and touches that will inspire.


We wish to ignite imagination, spark conversations, and trigger ideas with each Nestudio piece to infuse your space with fresh energy.

Living With Colors

Appreciating the natural beauty with colors to make your home a true reflection of you.

Timeless Design

Our design philosophy reflects modern-day contemporary taste that emits warmth, coziness, and citified vibe. It was not created to be temporary, withstand the test of time with its durability.

Perfect for Urban Living

Every piece is made with intelligence and care to bring you furniture pieces you truly want to live with through important components such as fine ergonomic design, perfect sizing, best choices of fabric, and comfortable cushion for urban homes.

Seamless Shopping

Enjoy integrative multi-channel shopping experience at ease. You can access our website from your fingertips anywhere anytime and get your desired furniture and home decor pieces at your doorstep. Or simply visit our display to feel our vibe and ambience.